Madonna Subliminal Videos


Madonna Subliminal VideosThis is our master post of Madonna subliminal messages – there is certainly no shortage of them!

First, from back in the day here is a short clip from “Like a Prayer” – the song, and especially the music video was controversial enough due to Madonna getting sexual with Jesus. However, the term “Life is a Mystery” becomes “Hear Us, Save Us, Satan”

Next up here is a clip from “She’s not for me” where “Shes rollin, rollin, rollin” turns into “I love, I love Satan” when reversed:

Here is a clip from Future Lovers, and guess what? Yes, thats right, Madonna loves Satan still:

This is a quick one from “Forbidden Love”, this time it is from the electronic chorus, but the Satanic message seems to be the same…

This is the last one for now – this time from “Die Another Day”, and again a similar sort of message:

We are getting a little bored of the Madonna subliminals – there are more out there if you really want though – plenty more :), she was even caught using subliminal messages in her videos with Justin Timberlake.