Disney Subliminal MessagesDisney cartoons are filled with subliminal messages, as are some other cartoons and even movies. Disney started using subliminal messages as early as Donald Duck cartoons. This video shows Donald Duck saying the F word quite clearly.

The Little Mermaid is full of subliminal imagery that is sexually suggestive, something also present in Aladin the movie, where in one scene Genie says “all good teenagers take off your clothes”.

Sexual imagery doesn’t stop there. In kids favorite The Lion King, we can clearly see the word “SEX” written in the sky at one point, something that is hard to notice if you are not paying attention. It is the same with Pocahontas, although these messages may as well be coincidences.

Beauty and the Beast is a Disney cartoon most filled with sexual imagery, suggestion and references, check the Beauty and the Beast subliminals here.

Even Toy Story is not devoid of subliminal messages, but they mostly have hidden Illuminati and Freemasons symbols.

There are too many examples of embedded subliminal messages in Disney cartoons to believe Disney that they are all just a coincidence. The question is, if they input these subliminals into children’s cartoons, what do they do with other publications that they distribute through mainstream media outlets they own?

There are several theories as to why Disney does this. Of course they officially deny that it is done on purpose – often their only response is, well.. not to respond at all, however when they have been pressed in the past all they have ever said is that “the messages we included by lower level employees in the design team”, and they have promptly removed the messages for DVD releases / posters etc.

Skeptics say that Disney does know about the hidden messages, and give various different reasons for why they are included:

  • They include sexual messages to get the interest of adults, so that the cartoons are not just of interest to children.
  • They make the movie more memorable – any way they can link the movie to sex makes it more memorable, and more popular, even when done in this slight subliminal fashion.
  • They include them now simply as it is expected, and there is a “game” to find the messages when a new movie comes out.
  • They generate extra publicity and any publicity is good publicity and raises the profile of the movie.

Whatever the reason there is no denying the existence of some of these messages!