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Welcome to the official resource for the Lion King subliminal messages. In this article we will show you a video and pictures and talk about how it is highlighting the various subliminal suggestions in The Lion King.

The most famous example is where Simba is sitting on a mountain top depressed and the stars form into his father who speaks to him. During the formation of the stars they briefly align to form the word “Sex”.


What was Disney’s response to the alligations of them using subliminals? The same as always – it is just a coincidence and not intentional…

The above picture is mostly what all people are aware of in the Lion King, but here is a video going through the movie pointing out various examples of the word “Sex” and other subliminal symbols throughout the entire movie.

For example an outline of a woman, and even her nipples are shown in the fire, then there is the word sex visible in scenes when young Simba and his lioness playmate are together, and of course the word sex is hidden many times in the jungle in scenes where Timon and Pumbaa are shown.

With the first example, the stars in the Sky you might be tempted to dismiss it all as a coincidence, but then with the multitude of examples shown in the above video it all seems a bit more plausible and is a lot harder to just dismiss as coincidence.

Apparantly many of these messages have now been edited out in later DVD releases, which even further suggests that they were in fact put in intentionally and Disney is covering up their tracks. But if you have the original releases on VHS you should still be able to see them, so get your copy out and if you find any more please let us know ­čÖé

  10 Responses to “Lion King Subliminal Messages”

  1. There is a possibility that it might be a hidden signature from one of the artist. I read marvel comic books and often there is a hidden signature in the art.

  2. I watched the video about The Lion King, in the beginning there was a quote that mentioned God. Even for those who do not believe in God the Father but any higher power who made the world. Look around there could be subliminal messages in the grass, is this is a sign from God telling you to think of sex all the time? NO!!! You and the people that agree that there are subliminal messages in Disney movies or any other media productions are simply sick bastards with nothing better to do. If you chose to see the word sex in everything, what does that say about you? Look around and you could see it everywhere if you choose to, but as for Disney movies stop trying to corrupt them, I have news for you, your the corrupt one. A second fact would be look at studies that have been done on subliminal messages, new flash they do not contain logical data. I am a communications major at a university and I study this, and although subliminal messages can be found in everything, depending on the way people look at things, there is no actual proof that they work on people or the fact that people can even pick up on them all the time. So please stop wasting your time.

  3. This is ridiculous. When you look for things like that, of course you can find it, but most of the examples in the video are basically┬áimpossible┬áto see if you weren’t looking for them. ┬áI’ve seen Lion King hundreds if times and it’s never made me think of sex. ┬ái wish people would stop nit picking and just leave the movie alone, you’re crazy if you think every one of those was intentional. ┬á

  4. i dont even think half of those are real. it seems like your just making random things that seem like it says “sex” but the artists didnt actually mean it. i mean in some scenes they might have but some of those seem a litlle ridiculous

  5. some of them see alittle far feched but mostly i cant believe i missed any of them

  6. some of these are pushing it. but some are more realistic then others

  7. I found the word “SEX” again in a scene that you have put in the video. When the video hits 6:32 (the waterfall scene) right in between nala and a black rock (by the waterfall). You can clearly see the letter “E” and “X” ans right next to the grass areas there is something similar to an “S”

  8. Okay, for one, it doesn’t say “sex” it says “SFX” a special effects company that likes to leave their trademark on their movies.

  9. in the frame before 6:50 (minute/second) there is another hidden message saying s e x above the first one s e x beside the waterfall… just though i’d let you know ­čÖé

  10. We see only what we want to see. You see the word ‘Sex’ and ‘Lie’ just because you’re looking for it. I’m pretty sure that if you look for the word ‘Love’ then you’ll find it too. I don’t know why people keep looking for the bad things and never see the good ones. This movie teaches kids friendship, love and compassion! For goodness sake! Everyday we see millions of clear and unclear messages in the TV and you search for them in a kid’s movie? And if they do exist in a kid’s movie they’re so well hidden that not even our subconscious sees them!

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