Movie Subliminal MessagesSubliminal messages can often be found in movies, just like they are seen in cartoons and TV shows.

This is not as bad as when we see explicit subliminal cartoon videos, as most of the time subliminal messages serve to strengthen the point in a movie, like the one done in Fight Club, where subliminal messages show Masonic and Illuminati symbols that fit into the theme of the movie nicely.

Illuminati subliminal messages can also be seen in The Matix, and we even found a nice subliminal video compilation of many movies that do the same.

Illuminati imagery can be seen in many teen movies, such as The Incredible Hulk, Don’t Mess With the Zohan or Get Smart.

Of course, sex is also often subliminally shown in movies, albeit less so than in cartoons as movies can show it on screen freely. For example we may see subliminal imagery in Robin William’s Lisence to Wed. The poster for the movie The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey also carries subliminal messages that are based on sex, as well as using additional, fear based subliminal messages.

It is interesting to note that even High School musicals are not devoid of subliminal messages.

eat-popcorn-subliminal-advert1Welcome to the definitive guide to subliminal movies.

This post will show you a range of videos and images highlighting subliminal messages in various movies.

There are 100s of hidden messages in Disney movies, but view our disney subliminal messages post if you want to see them all.

Here is a famous picture though from The Lion King – at one point if you freeze the video the stars spell out the word “Sex” when Simba is dreaming, before his father appears in the sky:


It is debatable why movies use subliminal messages… Advertisers clearly use them (and to good effect) in an attempt to boost sales, and to make their products / adverts more memorable. With a movie this could be the case, and it is arguable that they are included ot make the movie more memorable – this might sound strange, but linking a movie in any way (even subliminally) to sex will make it stick out in your mind more, and perhaps even make you want to go and see the movie more.

In the movie “Fight Club” came out the character Tyler Durden inserted subliminal pictures of only one frame in length into childrens movies  in the Theatre he worked in. He inserted an adult image for just a split second. This movie seemed to start a craze for looking for subliminal messages in movies. So here we have compiled several for your pleasure. We don’t know why there are in there, it could be a ploy to get more viewers, or make the film more memorable, or it could be the production team making their mark on the movie.

Anyway, here is an example from a movie poster for License to Wed:

Now a hidden reverse message from the popular monster movie “Cloverfield”:

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