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Here is a collection of high school musical subliminal messages taken from across three musical films.

Are there really subliminal messages in high school musicals? To find out watch this series of 5 videos which have been put together by reversing the songs from the movies and interpreting what has been said and judge for yourself.

Some of the claims are questionable, but there are a lot of them, and perhaps there is some sense in some of them? Again – you decide – here are the videos:

High School Musical Subliminal Video 1:

This first video highlights some “mild” examples of messages used when the music is reversed – such as “we all sing backwards”

Highschool Musical Subliminal Messages 2:

Carrying on from the first video this video goes further into the songs and highlights more of the subliminal messages used when the music is reversed. This time highlighting some of the more sexual references and lyrics.

High School Musical Subliminal Suggestions 3:

In this third video the messages get worse / stronger and more sexual references are highlighted.

High School Musical Subliminal Messaging  4:

More strange and surreal references in the fourth video, and even some satanic references in this one as well!

Highschool Musical Subliminal Movie 5:

The final part of this conspiracy theory video series:

If you like this video then please stick around, there are plenty more where these came from! Also, if we’ve missed any or you’ve spotted anything else then please leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. In the fifth one, it doesnt say gas relief, it says tax-relief.

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