Cartoon SubliminalsSubliminal messages are often used in cartoons (and in TV shows of course) to enhance the meaning of what is being portrayed, but unfortunately the subliminal messages are often of a sexual nature.

Most popular cartoons have subliminal messages embedded in them, and this page will try and list all of them so you can later go back to them and view all the details.


For example we found many subliminal messages hidden inside Spongebob, Barney and The Simpsons episodes, but also in cartoons like Pokemon, Sesame Street, Toy Story, Happy Street, Dora the Explorer and many more. Some of them may be real, others not, some indeed intentionally input into cartoons, others might be a coincidence or maybe even a joke.


Take a look bellow to browse subliminal messages  for specific cartoons you might be interested in:

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Pokemon Subliminal Videos

Many more cartoons with subliminal messages

Cartoon Subliminal VideosIt seems that many cartoons have subliminal messages embedded into the theme song, which we can hear when the song is played in reverse.

Family Guy, a very popular cartoon comedy show also has subliminal messages inserted into the theme song. The Family Guy theme song played backwards has some very interesting comments. Take a look for yourself.

Sesame Street is a shocker, as the video played backwards reveals the words “suicide” and “everybody going to die”. Not really suitable for kids, right?

Even Bugs Bunny is filled with subliminal messages, which are fairly interesting to look at.

Not even Toy Story, the original, is without subliminal messages that show symbols of the devil, the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

Another popular cartoon has subliminal messages when the song is played backwards. This time we are talking about Dora the Explorer. Check the subliminal messages out now.

Even the famous comic books, including some from Marvel and X-Men have subliminal messages embedded within them. We can imagine how they are made by watching this guy draw a sketch cartoon that we would rather not comment, it is better to see it for yourself.