May 252009

Here is a video someone has made of the theme song to the hit family / adult cartoon “Family Guy”. He has played the theme tune in reverse and accompanied it with subtitles interpretating the subliminal messages.

Wer’e not sure about them to be honest, or what purpose they could serve, but here is the video, you be the judge.

This is what the song played in reverse says, and which characters say what:

Chores: Guy, Hes Messed Up, See.

Stewie: You Sniff It.

Chores: Sucik it Its in the mall! Never Finishes off, Who ever said he loved? Yaa, People never said he loved…

Kids and Brian: Yaa, Where is Stewie you stupah?

Peter: Stewie laughed at the chef. Walter? Join the Roofer!

Louis: He means not at the sea, Was my silly armpit, Easy otter, yeah we sneezing…

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