Spongebob Subliminal Videos


SpongeBob Subliminal Video

This article will show and discuss the various videos highlighting these subliminal messages in Spongebob cartoons – from the theme song played in reverse, to various subliminal messages, adult themes, and sexual innuendos throughout (most of!) the episodes.

There are numerous subliminal messages inserted in Spongebob Square Pants cartoon. It is no wonder as the cartoon is really for a slightly more mature audience, but some of them are still preposterous.

For example the Spongebob opening song played backwards subliminally mentions words like “poo”, “gay” and “rape”.

There are also many sexual subliminal innuendos in Spongebob cartoons in multiple episodes, with one specifically horrific, albeit very blurry where Patric suggests… well, take a look for yourself. It doesn’t end there, as Mr. Krabs asks for porn, and there are even a lot of Spongebob subliminals in this collection of videos.