May 032009

There are plenty of video floating around about Spongebob with various hidden messages in his cartoons: Here are some Spongebob subliminal videos highlighting some sexual innuendos from various episodes.

Spongebob is popular with children and adults alike, are these types of messages and innuendos the reason for its popularity?

Let’s start with a few joke videos. The first one is one that shows Mr. Squarepants that suggests that Spongebob had sex with Patric:

And here is one in which it seems Spongebob had sex with a jellyfish:

To finish off with these silly Spongebob videos we can look at the song made by a fan of the show, titled Ding Dong Song-Spongebob Squarepants:

The more serious videos with real innuendos start with this one… I am sure you can tell what inappropriate innuendos this video is showing:

Finally, take a look at a list of top 10 sexual innuendos in Spungebob:

The videos refers to “not dropping the soap”, to the menstural cycle, breasts and bras, a panty raid, to George Carlin’s performance about seven bad words never to say on TV, to “perfect” censorship, being tired of playing with a “banana”, actual sex and a makeout.

Be the judge yourself and tell us what you think of these videos, or browse other listed Spongebob Squarepants subliminal videos.

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