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There are thousands of examples of Spongebob subliminal messages… well not literally thousands, but there are a lot.

This article will show and discuss the various videos highlighting these subliminal messages in Spongebob cartoons – from the theme song played in reverse, to various subliminal messages, adult themes, and sexual innuendos throughout (most of!) the episodes.

Well start with the theme tune – here is a video of it played in reverse, and analysed for subliminal messages:

Some pretty freaky messages there I think you’ll agree! Messages suggest a “small nutsack”, that “squidward smokes dope”, that there is “shit on your multi canable heart” and a few more, hey, take a look youself, althouhg most of them do seem a bit like gibberish.

Now onto the fun stuff. Here are some clips from episodes of Spongebob highlighting various subliminal messages – often relating to being gay, p***s jokes, and other “childish adult” humor.

This one shows Mr Krabs apparantly asking if there is “Any p**n in the store”. I think this one was intentional. It is fairly obvious that he really asks that question. You can hear for yourself when video is played in slow motion.

In conclusion we would say there are subliminal suggestions more than the commonly thought of “manipulative” subliminal messages in the Spongebob cartoons – most of them seem to hint at gay or just plain sexual references, which is mostly harmless and will go over the heads of most younger children anyway…

Hidden adult content for the grown ups, and enjoyable cartoons for children – A winning formula?

  3 Responses to “Spongebob Subliminal Videos”

  1. spongebob is supposed to have subliminal messages. its no secret. like in TEXAS. when spongeebob says; Patrick, your genius is showing. and patrick covers over his crotch area saying, where?! its supposed to be like that. but the ones you showed were to be taken as good or bad. for instance, saying that patrick was saying eat sperm. he could have, but i think he was saying please spare me. to be honest, i believe that its only the fact that you have a perverted mind (and lets face it, who doesnt?) and usally when that part takes over, we truly believe thats what the creator or person intended it to be.

  2. well done,,thats the usual answer..’duh,ya only think ya see dis stuff its cause ya gotta derty mind creep”..yeh sure,I taught a course in this ‘stuff’ for 30 years. God ole Joe camel is a case in point,I got onto various talk shows and exposed (good word) this dirty ole critter..telling one host..’ole joe needs a huge bag over his head’ the cartoon was of course,if one squinted and looked at the face upside down it was a bit of male anatomy indeed. My students broke Pepsi’s “sex on the side’ can when that came out.We had a project on that,,I assigned one third of the class to write and compliment the company..encouraging them to use more suggetive words,,the other third wrote and told them off.and the other third could pick any side they wished!…Others we hit was the so called ‘Michaelangelo virus’ nonsense of march 6th etc etc…what folks dont seem to realize is that ..sure one can beat em by not buying their product,but what about when the same clever methods are used by them for political purposes..what then charlie?..and let me tell you,,they are hired by the polls to condition the peasants to act and re-act in whatever way they wish..Pavlovs mutts not withstanding……Nino

  3. Dang, you anti spongeman are an example of the sad state of society of ignorant people…you probably see jesus on crackers too… what the fuck is Wrong with you. The spongeman teaches us to love eachother irreguardless of our faults…. Just as JESUS would do …. you would see the devil in your own mother if it suits your needs. you are a cancer on society

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