Apr 102009

Here is a video someone has created about the Toy Story Subliminal Messages.

The video mainly highlights the placement of various symbols relating to the devil, the Masons, the Illuminati etc.

Here is the video, so you decide for yourself:

The references highlighted in the video are as follows:

  • 5 pointed star=Pentacle=Venus=Lucifer
  • References to Masonic Sun worship
  • References to Masonic phallus worship(Woody)
  • Moon worship (Masonic)
  • Pyramid in Blackball i.e. being "Blackballed" in the Masons
  • Lots of examples of the serpent and all seeing eye symbolism
  • A Reversed Pentacle above the black and red occult checkerboard.
  • And the inverted pentacle right on the childs pillow!
  • Inverted pentacle - which represents Venus/lucifer on the childs wall>

Some of these seem a bit far fetched, but when you consider them all together it does seem possible... we don't think that they were all a big coincidence, as there are far too many "coincidental" references in this video. Share your thoughts and let's discuss this video in more detail.

  7 Responses to “Toy Story Subliminal Messages”

  1. honestly i think you were just looking to find something. You expected to find something so you took innocent things and twisted them to be what you wanted them to be, besides, most of the subliminal messages and cameos only happened in older movies, like way before pixar came into the mix.

  2. If this animation really has subliminal messaging, than Pixar is also responsible for this crime, why doesn’t anyone sue disney?

  3. I don’t really see how this warrants as subliminal messaging. First I didn’t see a SINGLE pentagram except for the obvious ones in that you have inserted yourself by finding example photos of. I saw stars, yes. If you’re trying to say that because Pixar made a ball with stars and stripes that automatically makes it one even though the 5 points aren’t even touching the outer circle. And if you were implying that the actually army star with its circle is a pentagram, isn’t that saying something about our army too? I don’t believe that the lunar eclipse that occurs during Buzz’s speech merits as lunar worship. Plus, have you even PLAYED with an eight ball before? All eight balls have triangles which according to you means the Masons. Please, before saying a film actually has all of this that you claim it does, at least point it out by freeze framing or making it obvious that it’s there than just showing a random picture of your claim and showing a random scene that either has little or no support of your accusations.

  4. Okay, seriously? I actually gave myself a challenge yesterday to see how many things I could turn sinister and I could find stuff in just about everything. The stars in Andy’s bedroom have nothing to do with satan, he likes buzz lightyear so he likes space. What are in space? STARS, which are usually drawn with five points.  The box on his head looks like buzz, look in any boy’s clothing store and you’re SURE to find t shirts with skulls on them, the magic 8 ball is a classic toy, and, well, you see my point. You’re just looking for something to give out to.

  5. what about the worl map shown in the “international Version”, south america it´s wrong, something to do with world domination and new world order?

  6. I believe you…Disney/Pixar is poison to our kids….but then again, popculture is all poison. Great post, btw! Those who wish to be left in the dark, should reLly consider opening their eyes….

  7. I believe Disney uses subliminal messages, but these were horrible examples. You might as well accuse anyone who has ever used a star of indoctrination. I had to turn it off when it got to lunar worship.

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