Apr 122009

Here is a very interesting video from youtube which someone has compiled.

Many Illuminati, Masonic, Sun God worship, 666, Pyramid subliminal messages among others are show in many, many movies, and it might be the biggest secret of Holywood.

Let’s first cover what happens when we step inside the REAL Matirx:

A 1999 movie Blast from The Past has the word “luminescence” scribble on the blackboard behind the teacher played by Christopher Walken. That is the Illuminati sign added by one eye shown in the shot as well.

Masonic symbols are present in scenes in which we can see the the all seeing eye symbol shown, a keystone (another Masonic symbol), and many Sun worshiping symbols charactersiting for both Illuminati and the Masons.

Another interesting scene on minute 9.40 cna be seen when the conversation goes “I love Lucifer”, instead of Lucy, and the reply is “Who doesnt?”.

Well, check the video for yourself, there are too many subliminal messages inserted to be claimed that they are not implanted intentionally.

Some of them seem like coincidences, but others… perhaps there is something to it.. who knows how many signs and symbols we are really exposed to without our knowledge on a trip to the movies..

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