Apr 182009

Following on from our posts recently about symbols of the occult, the Masons, and the Illuminati in Hollywood here is an analysis of the movie “Fight Club”  starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

Some of these claims seem a bit far fetched but then again the first rule of Fight club (and of freemasonry) is you don’t talk about it.. Is this film a message to the Mason brotherhood to tell them to keep their secret? There are a lot of masonic references and symbols used throughout every scene when the warning speech is made.

There are other similiar issues between Fight Club and The Masons – Brad Pitt’s character is called Tyler which is the name given to the Masonic guard of office (Tiler), and obviously just like the Masons the club is strictly only for men.

Along with the Masonic/Illuminati symbols favourites such as Sun/Phallus worship and pyramid/triangle symbolism can also be seen throughout the movie – anyway, enough talk – here is the analysis, decide for yourself:

Unfortunately this one is so cover that videos get taken down instantly, but soon we will have lots of other Fight Club subliminal videos.

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