Mar 042009

Here is our Beauty and the Beast subliminal video, a lot of time andwork has gone into this video so I hope you enjoy it.

This is an epic video! It highlights many many references to sex, sexual suggestions, occasions where the text of the word sex is hidden within the picture. Many times Diablo hand signs appear throughout the cartoon and there are MANY other subliminal messages from various parts of the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast.

The cartoon is full of morally questionable story loopholes.

For example the story of the start that seems like they are saying that you should not judge by how you should not judge people by how they look, but then they emphesize how it is important to be percieved beautiful. This is apparant a few times throught the movie.

A message that is repeated time and time again in Disney movies is – a lot of sexual references implying sex, and how only beautiful people can be with other beautiful people, althouhg on the surface it does not seem so.

Watch the video as it’s creator explains it perfectly, or view the rest of the disney subliminal messages here – theres quite a lot!

  13 Responses to “Subliminal Messages in Disney Movie Beauty And The Beast”

  1. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your what you’re saying.

  2. While I do agree, I strongly believe that you can find something perverted or misguided in any situation. It’s the same case of putting “That’s what she said” after ANY sentence or phrase can make it seem simply disturbing. But aside from that, this video is very well made. Beauty and the Beast is still my favorite movie.

  3. Well that would explain a lot of things about society, like why people are so screwed-up-ish now (Ha ha I’m included probably included >_<; )

  4. the “diablo” hand sign used by the Bush family is a sign used for the Univ. of Texas in Austin football team, called The Longhorns (after a particular breed of cattle). The handsign is used as a “cheer” for the Univ. with the added words “Hook em horns!” Interestingly enough, UT’s rival school, Texas A&M, produce t-shirts that show a Biblical reference and it’s scripture “He will cut off of the horns of the evil one.”

  5. Well to be honest some good points were made I’ll agree but to go to he extent you have, I’m not so sure you can make the words sex out of anything literally in any film and thats what you and everyone else is doing. They are bringing up tese good looking sterotypes becasue it is easy to do and it helps with the story as that is what it is trying to describe. Read the title of the film and think about it.

  6. psuedo bohemian..
    the doesnt contradict itself… its about vanity and pride.
    so ofcourse theyre going to shove REALITY down kids throats.
    looks ontop of aquired knowledge and skill, get you way father in life than someone with knowledge and skill alone.
    is this sad? maybe. But its true and its apart of reality.
    better kids learn it now than later

  7. In response to the last post….

    What you have stated is the exact reason people create videos like this one here, to point it out to the weaker minded. Just because looks will get you further doesn’t make it right, it’s the same as airbrushing a model in a magazine.. ‘aspire to be this thin and beautiful’ yet it’s not even possible. Movies like this help breed vanity and narcissism and brain wash children not teach them about life.

    If you choose to feed this crap to your children, believe tabloid journalism and drink coca cola you should be sent for processing.

  8. if they have such an emphasis on beauty then why does the beast get belle in the end, and the attractive dude ends up dead, beauty must not get you very far in life.

  9. I just wanted to say that the WHOLE point of the movie is that in a societ filled with shallow people, Belle, although beautiful, pays no attention to it. She is utterly disgusted with how Gaston is on the INSIDE and there for turns him down multiple times throughout the movie! However, she falls in love with not the external appearance of the Beast, but with his INTERNAL beauty. She finds that he is actually ver kind. I see where you’re coming from with the subliminal messaging in the art, but as far as the actual moral goes, I think you are utterly mistaken. Belle is the protagonist because she looks within people and sets the example NOT to follow through with society’s expectations. This is shown when the town people are calling the beast a monster. No matter what anybody else says, she stays true to her heart and defends him! The moral of this story is not to promote being shallow, but the opposite! That TRUE beauty is within.

  10. Every done sign lanuage? Research the hand sign for “I Love You”…

  11. You missed one at the very end. While you were pointing out the word “sex” in the water flowing out above the fat guy, I noticed another one on the wall a few centimeters or inches (depending on the size of your screen) northeast of the one you found. It’s a shadow on the wall- the same image. Only difference is that the “s” is a little harder to make out, so it looks like ” ex.”

  12. holy crap that WAS my favorite disney movie but now… im never going to be able to watch it again!

  13. so… disney has subliminal messages. therefore porn should stop being produced? they have porn for literally ever taste. the fact that disney supposedly promotes people with perfect bodies as opposed to large or unattractive people means nothing. humans are going to be attracted to what ever they decide is beautiful, which is different for eveyone. people ultimately choose what they like. disney movies do not decide for them. your argument makes no sense. you are saying that disney makes people like the looks of certain body types or facial structures over another, typically people agree on wha is and is not attractive. i could pick out any man or woman and whether i think they are attracive and the majority of people would agree with me even people from different countries. does this mean that they all watched disney movies when they were young? no. what that does mean is that people have a similar concept of beauty, that may be because of what society tells us then again it may not. regardless of why that is porn has nothing to do with it. porn is so that people with any preferance can see or imagine what they like or want when they may not be able to do that themselves. its the same as looking at a picture of a car and perfering it over another. everyone has different tastes. that is not neccisarily disney’s fault, nor does it have a single thing to do with the porn industry.

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