Feb 262009

This article covers various pictures and videos of the little mermaid subliminal messages.

This is nothing new, subliminal messages have been found in a wide range of Disney movies and cartoons many years back. Often they have a sexual implication, such as hiding the word “sex” in the animation, making sexual suggestions or brief sexual gestures, or hiding male genitalia or a phalic symbol in the background – like this famous picture:


Can you spot the subliminal insert? Look closer:


Now here is another video of the wedding scene at the end of the little mermaid, look at the priests crotch – he appears to have an erection, which would no doubt stir controversy among Christians if it was found out back then.

This was present in the 1989 release of the movie, but since Walt Disney have confirmed that – as part of the work that was done on this to get it ready for its remake DVD release the minister received a makeover, so this subliminal message can’t really be seen in the digital release of the movie.

  3 Responses to “Little Mermaid Subliminal Messages”

  1. wow. i thought Disnwy just wanted to let kids have funand everything
    thats just gross… why would they even do that!?

  2. i agrree with you melissa!

  3. I’m not trying to defend Disney but reasonably speaking,concerning the Little Mermaid I think it’s the priest’s knee after all, as he bends his legs which are skinny and that thing could be his knee bone…And as for everything else I don’t know weather they actually are subliminal messages but I believe human mind has become dirty anyway so we can easily misunderstand things…

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