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Here is a breakdown of the Disney movie Pocahontas. Someone has made this video by going through the movie frame by frame and identifying all the points where the word “Sex” is spelled out within the animation or in the background somewhere. It is quite a long video, some are perhaps coincidences, but others do seem quite convincing.

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Disney is notorious for including adult messages in their movies – view the other disney subliminal messages here.

If Disney (not to mention Coca Cola and massive global brands) are using subliminal messages, it is only reasonable to wonder who isn’t? And to us, it seems safe to assume that all of these subliminal messages are implanted into the cartoons intentionally. What do you think?

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  1. Disney movies are a perennial favourite of adults and children alike, and a moment viewing any of these films, whether recent or classic, will unveil exactly why. The humour and even images can actually be quite adult, and though we may be laughing, most of the time, the kids will be oblivious to these undertones if they are not pointed out. It must have taken a lot of time to go through these movies frame by frame to discover these messages. I wonder, if you were to look for another word, if you would find it as well. Even I found the word “sex” in different positions than the ones pointed out in this video once I knew what I was looking for. After all, the power of suggestion is powerful indeed. Like any work of art or poetry, there are many ways something like this could be interpreted, and if you look for something hard enough, chances are good you will find it. While the interpretation and even the presence of subliminal messages can be debated, there are other things I have noticed that have not been mentioned at all. There are a lot more sexual references and innuendos in these movies than the words in the smoke. If you get right down to it, even some of the facial expressions and body language of (especially) Pocahontas are at least alluring if not blatantly sexual. And did her dress need to be cut so low? You will notice on the cover of Pocahontas that her dress is of a more modest cut than the cleavage-bearing “little leather dress” you see her sporting in the movie. Is that false advertising? Maybe so. But there are sexual references all around us. Just a few minutes on the tube will reveal a plethora of intentional or accidental porn. It appears that Disney is not the only one to jump on this runaway bandwagon. Perhaps it is to make the movies appealing to a wider range of audiences, and perhaps it is for more sinister purposes, but what? If it’s all about money, what does it profit, and if it’s all about image, what positive associations could it possibly bring? Like an optical illusion, once you see it, you can never look at it the same again.

  2. i noticed in a couple of the frames that you show us, you have missed a couple that i have spotted out. its hard to tell you where they are but i could try if you are interested.

  3. Omgsh! really! all it says is sex! wooo hooo and half of them are so hard to even see, wow he must have had alot of time on his hands to find this!

  4. So? Who cares? Disney movies are for kids! Are you saying Disney Movies shouldn’t be produced anymore? Do you really think a 4-year-old will notice any of this?

  5. i did see it in some but in others i really didnt see it even when you highlighted them, i think it was a little overboard

  6. i find it sick that disney uses Subliminal Messages in their movies to feed the idea of ‘sex’ into young childrens mindsfromn such an early age,
    i rember watching disney movie when i was young and
    Pocahontas was one of my favourite movie they made, and no that i see what they have put into it i am worried about what thigs they have fead in to my mind as a child and if they are still in my mind sub-consusly…..

  7. i disagree wih maggie, you would never notice these things unless it was pointed out to you or unless you look for it, but i 4 year old child wouldnt notice these thing but their subconscious would pick it up with out them noticing, everybody adult teen and child omly use 5% of their brain and successful movie and song makers use the subconscious part of your brain to get their message into your mind and head with out you noticing, and the fact that you didnt take this into count makes me belive that you are brain washed

  8. i see the ones you missed, on in the sceen with jothing but waves, going up to down, you see an S a sideways E and the X on the bottom almost touching the first word in the corner,

  9. haha. wow, never knew that disney did this… I kind of find it funny, because this is a childrens movie, and I dunno why they would put so much effort into putting SEX in the movie; and so many times too. If I pointed them all out to my friends while watching the movie, they’d probs be like ‘ehh, Melini??’ anyway, you must have a good eye to find all of these… or, eh, alot of time on your hands, and pausing every second and playing ‘wheres wally’… or ‘wheres sex’…

  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. Disney are idiots. why would they do this?… so immature people like mwa can laugh at it HAHAHAH. but seriously, disney much be a bunch of sex addicted freaks… trying to turn innocent movies into porn…goshhh 😛

  11. All this proves is that some guy can write the word “sex” over a cartoon, and usually in a really distorted way so that the letters barely even look like letters! There was maybe one the entire time that was convincing…I know Disney has admitted many times to leaving adult messages in their movies, but this is ridiculous. This is nearly every frame. I doubt the writers and animators at Disney think it’s THAT funny.

  12. I think all of this is a little far-fetched. Even with the letters highlighted I sill couldn’t see them. I definitely think there are sexual messages hidden within some of the Disney movies, however I think that you could reason the word sex hidden within a lot of things with patterns.

  13. people see what they want to see…
    If you want to see sex, you’ll see it i guess
    most of these examples are blown out of proportion

  14. I really hope you didn’t go through a lot of trouble to find that word as many times as you did….

  15. @Maggie
    Actually it was an 8-year-old that discovered the word “sex” in the stars from The Lion King scene with Simba.

  16. There is another, maybe you know by now, big S – almost sideways and part of the S is part of medium E (still large) and small X, behind tree branch or vine 2nd from the left, branch or vine is going up and down, letters behind the tree.  Also, just to left of the tiny X is a large head of a dragon or such with mouth open, can see its eye. 

  17. Shadows on grass half way down – large S also used to make up the large E and a small small
    X is on the right upper portion of the large S.

  18. Those are all coincidence. Most time you had to put the word in order or make it seem like a letter was there. Am I the only one who noticed this? The person who put made this video should be ashamed of themselves.

  19. When you go around looking to find them, you begin to make them up. You can hardly see half of these, but if you have friends or viewers who want to believe that they’re all there, they will just agree with you and act all amazed. Sure Disney has a bit of a bad track record in these fields, but you’re exploiting the whole thing and blowing out it of proportion. This is stupid.

  20. I kind of agree with maggie,but it is true, little children can not notice this, but, you have a subconscious that does notice that! So if a movie says sex or even shows the word sex, when you grow up, that subliminal message gets to you! And makes you want to have sex! And if you ever have seen a Mcdonald’s commercial and you really crave Mcdonald’s, it might be subliminal messages! Because Mcdonald’s has used subliminal messages and so has other brands. It is hypnotism, and it is real!

  21. The question so many are asking is, “Why would Disney do this?” you know, put the word SEX in so many places or anywhere for that matter.

    Back in the 1950, there was another movie maker named Alfred Hitchcock. In every Hitchcock movie Alfred Hitchcock makes an appearance somewhere. He’s never a main character, he’s always in the background, in the crowd. For example, in the movie “The Birds” he appears in the shop when the bird is bought. He enters the door as a customer in the background.

    It became quit a stir among movie goers in that era to want to watch his movies just so they could identify when he appeared in the movie even if they didn’t care for the actual movie. Truly, the first “Where’s Waldo”. As a result, even those who could not care less about the actual movie were paying to go to the theaters just to try to spot Alfred Hitchcock’s appearance.

    Was this a marketing strategy? Absolutely yes. It made his movies very popular and very lucrative. Guess who raked in the royalties?

    So why wouldn’t a company like “Disney” do virtually the exact same thing, only on an adult level. Finding the word “SEX” in Disney movies is truly an adult (or maybe a pubertory) exercise. Small children can’t even read, let alone identify 3 letters that are misaligned, sideways, vertical, or any other distortion. I can’t even find them unless they were so pointed out.

    What is Disney doing then? I think it’s obvious. They’re expanding their viewing audience, not just to children, or marketing to parents with children. But these subliminal occurrences are quite the mind and brain tease for inquisitive adults too… even adults that don’t have kids. So, what just happened here? Quite obvious. Someone who would normally never even watch a kids cartoon, just purchased a kids video to search for an adult “Waldo”. And what else just happened? Someone just got the proceeds from the sale of that video!

    When you think about it … it’s a pretty darn good marketing strategy.

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