Feb 052009

This is a short clip from Aladdin – the Disney movie. In the part when Aladin is on the balcony and the tiger comes out there is an audio subliminal message which quickly says “all good teenagers take off your clothes” – you have to listen pretty carefully, but if you have an old Aladdin VHS you can try this at home.

The message is in the scene when Alladin is on the balcony and the tiger comes out and Alladin tirest to stop him and says “good kitty, down boy”.

And that is when he says “good teenagers take off your clothes”. He says that about when princess Jasmine is shown in the sceen opening the curtains, so we do not actually see Aladin when he says it.

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  2 Responses to “Aladdin Subliminal Message Video “Take Off Your Clothes””

  1. it says “good kitty take off and go” because if he were saying the other phrase he didnt finish saying clothes so????

  2. it doesnt even sound like kitty

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