Feb 172009

Here is a video made highlighting a wide range of corporations and businesses who have the numbers 666 as part of their logo.  666 is everywhere in our modern media landscape.

These businesses are so plentiful its scary. They range from Disney to Perrier to Cake Mix Magic and even to the United Nations!

It is true that we might be able to find the numbers 666 in anything if we really tried, but these really seem legit. Or, at least some of them do.

What do you think? Are all of these businesses evil in a way? Anyways, see the video for yourself first:

  One Response to “666 Is Everywhere – Subliminal Messages In Media and Corporate Logos”

  1. take a look at the flag of ottawa.ont canada.then take a look at the flag of gatineau que. Canada which is right next to ottawa,666 its so damn obvious.

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