Mar 242009

barak-obama-subliminal-messagesThis is the master blog post for Barak Obama subliminal messages videos, images, and other related news.

This blog post will be updated regularly as any new Obama subliminals are released.

The last update was:  April 2009

Before we get to the examples of Obama actually using subliminal messages here is a video where he is the victim of these messages – at the hand of John McCain, his rival for the Presidency.

This is a short clip from an election campaign video by McCain in which there is a sign held by the crowd which originally spelled out “CHANGE” – an Obama slogan, however the McCain team have edited out the letter “C” so that the word spells “HANG”. This has been confirmed as fact due to the photoshopping of the sign to remove the first letter:

Now we move from Obama being the victim to reported instances of him using subliminal messages himself.

First of all here are 2 videos which have been posted online where people have found images of Obama flashed for split seconds on TV. It is not known whether Obama paid for these, whether they were just coincidencs, or they were purposely made by Obama supporters.

The second instance comes from the Discovery Channel at the point where they go from their own adverts about upcoming TV shows to showing other commercials, again, no comment has been released about this so how it came to be there is still a mystery:

Now here are some videos in which Obama speeches have been reversed and analysed for subliminal messages.

This video comes from the Obama victory speech when it is first announced he has won the election and will be the next President of the United States:

This next example claims Obama to be using satanic references in his speeches. It is claimed that when he says “Le me Express” he is saying “Serve Satan” and that his famous catchphrase “Yes We Can” when played in reverse comes out as “Thank you Satan”:

If you have any more examples of Barak Obama subliminal messages / adverts please leave a comment and we will add it to our subliminal video Obama collection.

  4 Responses to “Barak Obama Subliminal Messages”

  1. No joke, I saw a picture of obama on stage with his family flash quickly while watching the morning news yesterday. This is no coincidence, seems they are prepping us for the next election. Has anyone else seen that sort of thing ?

  2. on the last one. Whats makes you any better for using the same techniques as they did to get a point accross? I agree and understand the implications but you destroy any credibility by using the same techniques and then telling me to excuse you. If i excuse you then i excuse them, and i dont so learn how to be better and not to be the same.

  3. I was watching TV when a Chantix commercial came on…the one with Rosa…all of the sudden I heard the talk-over voice say the words “Obama support”….I did a double-take and re-wound my TV …I couldn’t believe it!!! It was clear as day…OBAMA SUPPORT…like those subliminal flashes in the movies from years ago…you remember…when they would flash pictures of popcorn & candy during a film and everybody in the theatre would suddenly get up and go the the snack bar….This Chantix commercial felt like the same thing….Like “OBAMA SUPPORT” was creeping into my psyche…..this is just plain WRONG!!!!

  4. Well i do know he’s an illuminati and maybe an anti-crist for the hand signs he does

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