Mar 152009

Here is a brilliant example of subliminal advertising and the influence in can have over you – again from Derren Brown. He makes an advert and plays it in a cinema to try and make the audience forget the movie. He was aware that he could not get the whole audience to forget the movie, but some did.

Darren draws us into the video talking about the first subliminal experiment in 1957 New Yersey theathre where thanks to subliminals Coke sales went up about 50%, and popcorn sales went up almost 20%. It was an experiment he wanted to repeat with a twist.

He used The Genesis cinema in East London, and patrons were of course told that some filming was to happen, but they had no idea about the experiment.

When the screening started people were shown a strange advertisment that we can not see in whole for legal reasons.

After the movie was over, people were asked what they could remember about the movie… the results were astonishing!

Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think about the amazing power of subliminals. If they can do this to people, what else can they do?

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