Feb 202009

This is a great example of the use of subliminal messaging – there is no way this image of John McCain and his wife accidentally made its way into the Fox News logo by accident. This is just about as perfect as it gets, it is just too fast to see, yet slow enough so that your subconscious mind can register it.

Again, some may watch this and think it is too slight to make an impact, but that is the exact nature of subliminal messaging – it just gives a little boost; this image of McCain is just enough to put the republican candidate in your thoughts – it won’t necessarily make you vote for him on its own, but it is just another little push in that direction.

This is not the first time Fox have used subliminal messaging – back during the Bush re-election campaign they were accused of using subliminal messages to promote him too – check out the George Bush subliminal video in question!

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