Feb 062009

Here is the infamous subliminal video created by the George Bush election campaign management team. This video doesn’t pause to show the subliminal message so you might have to keep clicking at around the 24 second mark.

This short clip is just an an excerpt from a George Bush campaign advert from when he was running against Al Gore. All the way through the video different titles flash on the screen in full , however when he comes to talk about an Al Gore policy and the title is “Bureaucrats” this pattern isn’t followed – instead just the end of the word is flashed – i.e. “RATS”.

It is flashed at such as speed which is barely noticable – except on a subliminal level, where the subconscious mind will process the information and link Al Gores and his party to “Rats”.

This is a ANOTHER really clever example of subliminal marketing from George Bush – follow the link to see the rest of the George Bush subliminal videos.

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  1. I seen it when the words were flying down under the gore perscription plan, whts it for?

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