Apr 222009

Here is a really popular advert from Kelloggs for their Frosties brand. It was everywhere in the UK a couple of summers ago, but this video exposes a darker side. When parts of the song are reversed some alarming subliminal messages are revealed:

This is an Kellogg’s Frosties advert from 2006 that had a catchy jingle. I always knew there was something a little strange about this advert – here it is – see for yourself:

When we play the sound of the video in reverse we can hear messages that prove that the ad amied at kids is far from innocent.

Backmasking the ad we can catch the words “Yeah, gimme your tits” instead of “frosties hitting me plate”, then instead of the words “Or the Empire States” we hear “Yes I’m evil”.

The third message is “Go make sure there is some pussy left for me” instead of “Even ladies with prsonalised number”.

These ads are far from suitable for kids! Just like many cartoon subliminal videos that unfortunately have similar messages, or worse.

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