Jan 162009

Here is an example of KFC using subliminal messages in their adverts – some subliminal adverts are questionable, but there is no doubt that this is a mini image of a dollar bill inserted into the lettuce in the bun.

KFC made this commercial with more hidden messages that imply their food is cheap, healthy and tasty. We can see that because it shows students (implies people with little cash) who apparently eat at KFC all the time, are happy (implies that food tastes good), healthy, good looking (implies health) and seem to have fun eating their meals.

Enjoy the video and tell us what you think:

  2 Responses to “KFC Subliminal Message Advert Hidden Dollar”

  1. Maybe their trying to say you are getting something that is horrible/tastes bad because eating money is a waste and its disgusting. Maybe the originator is trying to tell you something for the future…

  2. Well, they clearly stated it cost 1.00… not subliminal.

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