Feb 152009

Here is the video for Lady Gaga’s “Lets Dance”. This song is everywhere at the minute!

This is an unaltered video played at refular speed.

We know, shes weird, and the lyrics all seem tu blur into each other and make no sense… BUT if you listen carefully you can make her out saying “have sex” several times.

Also, see this shorter video of the same song with just the subliminal messages played:

When you are done, be sure to check out our other Lady Gaga subliminal videos, and all the other subliminal videos from music industry artists we have on file too!

  4 Responses to “Lady Gaga Just Dance Subliminal Messages”

  1. Notice the subliminal message says “join FRE”, which means the second word is not complete. I’d say the missing word is FREEMASONS, if you consider how the video is literally LOADED with references to freemasonry – in particular the chessboard pattern (found three occurrences of it, including the skirt at 0’23 and 2’53, and LG’s painted nails in the last seconds of the clip), the heraldic eagle on the couch (0’18 and 2’18), the hand if front of the eye (symbolic reference to the Egyptian God Horus later taken up by the freemasons), apparition of a Blondie cd, known for their satanic subliminal messages (0’30), triangular earrings, etc… Just part of an aesthetic encoding….

  2. when you see the word ‘join’ it means join the illuminati. that’s why she shows their sign the one eye . example (dollar, simpsons stone cutters , jay z’ diamond . and many more. just youtube search illuminati in music.

  3. WOW thank you thank you thank you for letting people know about this i am 18 yrs old and there is more secret messages NOW ADAYS look how much drugs partying $ ect. has been blown up soooo quickly its crazy all we hear is sex partying bs in the music now and if u play em backwards its all about satin but really whos behind durtying our bodys by partying and haveing sex with a bunch of people b4 marage? SATIN the devil hell $ is the root of all evil well the love of $ i pray dayly i thank god that im not blind to the bullshit the media puts out its even in politics and tv its crazy i would love to talk more about this just so i dont feel alone everytime i bring it up people think its bullshit but ive read a old book on it also its real and its out there AND ITS GOING TO GET SO MUCH WORSE WATCH N WAIT WE WILL ALL SEE

  4. The song is actually called just dance and the lyrics in that scene are “half psychotic hypnotic got my blueprint it’s symphonic (x2)

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