Mar 162009

Here is the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci – the “Mona Lisa”. it was discovered that if you lay Leonardo Da Vinci’s self portrait over the Mona Lisa the dimensions of his face to hers are the same, they features are all in the same place, and the outline is almost exact.

We will never really know how this came about – surely it is too precise to be just a coincidence?

One theory – as expressed by the maker of this video is that he wanted to express his feminine side and painted the Mona Lisa with his facial characteristics and dimensions.

Another explanation is that it wasn’t done on purpose, but it was not just a coincidence either. The most improtant person in all of our lives is ourselves – if we are really honest. Humans are self centred by nature – for example the last time you were shown a group photo with you on it who was the first person you looked for? Some claim that althrough Da Vinci didn’t mean to his subconscious mind directed him to create the Mona Lisa in his likeness.

We’ll never really know, but heres the video – decide for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments, or share this posts with your friends:

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