Mar 282009

Here are a few videos taken from the hit adult comedy cartoon series “South Park”. These videos highlight a range of subliminal messages found in various episodes, by various people.

Firstly this video shows a transition between one scene to the next, and for a brief second a 1 800 number is shown – way to fast for the eye to see – We haven’t called it so have no idea what the number is for:

The message is show during a news broadcast inside the cartoon. The number is just another 1-800 and we didn’t try calling it, but take a look yourself and let us know if you tried to see who is on the other end of the line. 🙂

Also, take a look at other South Park subliminal videos.

  One Response to “South Park Subliminal Messages”

  1. Season 5 Scott Tenorman Must Die after Scott burns Cartman’s money he screams, “No…. and the aerial view spins out there is a flash of a man standing sideways with a briefcase or shoulder bag. The man looks almost like a clown with red lips and a blueish head and his arm extended to the side. (a bit obscure) then the image is cut in half and only shows his bottom half. Very weird! Then the scene cuts to Cartman’s basement meeting with his schoolmates.

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