Feb 142009

In the Simpsons there is a “subliminal signature” within Homer Simpson’s head. Take a close look and you will be able to see that the drawing of his hair and his ear spell out the initials of the show’s creator M G = Matt Groening. That is obvious on the video bellow, and we are sure this subliminal messages are intentional.

In another video Homer himself shows us how to draw his character, and the MG subliminal messages is kind of obvious in this video. At least it’s proof that the message was intentional and that subliminal messages are indeed used in The Simpsons cartoon.

There is one other subliminal message hidden on Homers head. This one is as obvious as the last one, but I am sure most people miss these messages as they don’t look for them, and they are very easy to miss.

This one says MOO, and it can be seen when we take a look at the “M” that is supposed to represent his hair taken together with his eyes, which represent two times the letter “O”. How they spell MOO together is best seen in the video below:

What do you think of these messages? Simpsons have been running for a long time and I am sure there are many more hidden in more than twenty seasons of this cartoon.

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  1. omg i see it the sign of the illumanati

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