Mar 082009

Here is the entire Britney Spears song “Gimmie More” played in reverse – some of the subliminal messages are questionable but forward the video to after 2 minutes in and there are some interesting suggestions.

For example what we here when the song is backmasked is messages like “see you singer in hell”, “I’m not gonna say this shit aint messed up” and “hear me, hear me” instead of “gimme, gimme”.

WE can also hear Britney asking for help, and for someone to hold her. It doesn’t surprise us, as another version of Gimme More subliminal song has totally different subliminal messages through which she might also be crying out for help.

Other messages in this song thouhg are: broke, its some bullshit, we cant fix it, I won’t move on, make up – make a movie.

Then some more cries for help as we can hear Britney saying “Yesterday I felt so safe (please help me)”. “Bitch now take it in the snatch because they aint waiting shit for some more” and then some sexual suggestions – “ohhh… another sign of orgasam, ahh… shit for real its still… about you!” and “ohh you can fly but you can’t handle that much… noo, feels like… fake, nasty” and we also hear a few other messages, check them out by watching the video now.

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