Jun 282009

This is an excellent video created by the guys at AddictiveHealth.com.

It highlights some of the subtle ways that fast food advertisers make suggestions to us and “persuade” us to eat more of their food. Is the Ronald McDonald clown just a coincidence, or is it marketing genius (or pure evil?) – cleverly thought out to get your kids to eat much more McDonalds than they otherwise would.

$11 billon is spent on food advertising every year compared to only $11m on food nutrition education – is it any wonder there is a global obesity problem?

One of the main tactics which is described is taking a positive objects, images and ideas – like a clown for example (I wonder who uses a clown in their advertising) and connecting it to the food they sell – so the positive emotions you feel when you see clowns gets shared with the food!!

The result? In a study based on kids consumption of fast food the amount they ate doubled when this type of “positive linking” was used.

This video is a must watch for anyone living in our commercialized western society, and a revelation as to what tactics people are using “against” you.

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