Mar 202009

Here is a video which has been created to test how susceptible your mind is to subliminal messaging. Get a pen and paper ready and watch the following short video and see  ifyou can be unconsciously led to a decision.

It is a mind game that shows how advertisers use certain cues to implement ideas and images into the minds of their costumers, or rather US.

Start by getting a pen, or at least something to write on, and then start watching the video.

You will see… well, don’t let us ruin this experiment, but this video is certainly a must see!

Did it work on you? If so then how many other ways have you been manipulated lately?

  4 Responses to “Try Our Subliminal Messaging Test”

  1. I thought of squash, and then carrot xD

  2. In my opinion, it worked, but it didn’t work. When you said think of a vegetable, I was like, “Well 24, which was the last number, is a size Karot, so I’ll pick that,” But nothing immediately came to mind until I followed this thought process. 

  3. I thought of squash too!

  4. Oddly enough, carrot didn’t come to my mind at all. Cucumber came to mind.

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