Apr 072009

Here is a video taken from the most popular game online right now  Рrevealing the World of Warcraft subliminal messages!

In the graveyard where you die and get resurrected the “Spirit Healer” (ghost type woman) whispers to you, and if you get close enough to her you will here the message of “World of Warcraft…. Give us your money.”

Here is the video, so you can judge for yourself:

This is the most popular and widespread multi-player game online at the minute. It is immensely popular with school children, teenagers, and gamers worldwide. It can also get very addictive – so addictive that the Chinese government forced Blizzard to include parental controls to the game to limit the amount of time it can be played per week / day.

There are also whole websites dedicated to people getting addicted to the game (WoW addiction, as it has come to be known) – people losing their jobs, failing at school, and spending all of their free time on the game.

Are there other subliminal messages within the game that are helping Blizzard to grow the game to such a global level, are these subliminal messages even powerful enough to make the game overly addictive?

Well, we just don’t know, and we don’t know if it is the Blizzard fat cats putting the messages in or just a designer lower down the chain putting them in for a “laugh”.

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  1. I hear “World of Warcraft, your money, shame on us, your money.” not “give us”

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