Mar 092009

If you have been surfing for videos online lately you have probably been on youtube. Over the last few years there have been more and more people posting Youtube subliminal messages.

This is the act where people review a movie, or a poster and point out the subliminal suggestions which have been used. if you search for subliminal messages on youtube then you are inundated with 1000s of search results with videos of this kind. Everything from subliminal songs which have had their music reversed to reveal subliminal messages, to subliminal movies, , visual subliminal messages, adverts, even political speeches and news bulletins!

Subliminal messages are everywhere, and people around the world are revealing them with the global and viral power of youtube. Here is one example of George Bush being busted for using subliminal messages on election day:

It may seem like a coincidence, but that is exactly why subliminal messages are so powerful, they are very slight suggestions which go into your mind without your critical / logical thinking function interfering – whereas an aggressive or obvious suggestion may get dismissed, or you may consciously argue against it. These gentle subliminal messages make it into your mind without any resistance and slowly influence your behavior.

The use of subliminal messages in politics is not rare, politicians will do anything they can to gain a slight advantage, and subliminal messages really can do this. This is proven by their continual use by giant corporations such as McDonalds, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Palmolive just to mention a few.

Here is another video showing McDonalds getting busted for using subliminal advertising on the food network. During the Iron Chef program a flash of the McDonalds logo is seen for a split of a second:

This is a classic example of a youtube subliminal getting major international attention. You can see that the video was filmed by a regular guy in his house, but by posting to youtube he got attention from news networks and the organizations themselves.

McDonalds of course denied the use of subliminals and pointed the blame to the food network, who also denied everything, saying it was a production error and not an intentional subliminal message… yeah right!

Now that the Internet is in pretty much every household we can make people aware of the subliminal messages which are being used illegally such as the McDonalds example – it is actually illegal in the US, the UK, and Australia to show these flashed subliminal messages on TV. Here is another example from youtube of the Aria Music Awards who were penalized for using subliminal messages on behalf of their sponsors:

We hope you have enjoyed this post on the youtube subliminal craze – Subliminal messages can be a great tool to influence your subconscious mind, however no one wants to be manipulated through subliminal adverts, so be prepared, and help you friends prepare by sharing this on your social networks.

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