Mar 032009

Here is a video highlighting the subliminal message in every can of Coca Cola!

Turn a can upside down and the lines of the Coca Cola logo make 2 faces – sharing some cocaine. In the video the creator shows us everything so we don’t miss it.

It is no secret that Coca Cola was first produced with cocaine as one of it’s ingredients, until the feds banned it from use – but even to this day there is a subliminal reference to it not only within its name (obviously), but within its logo too. Take a look and let us know what you think:

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  One Response to “Coca Cola Cocaine Subliminal Message”

  1. You do┬árealize┬áthat, in the original coke recipe, there was cocaine, until it was removed due to federal laws. Also, the logo is based off of the creator’s handwriting, even though it has been slightly modified over the years.

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