Mar 102009

Here is a video which highlights various parts of the Coca Cola can – analysing their hidden meanings. The video points out everything from a gun in the mouth, to ghosts and other elements that suggest suicide, like Saturnic smilies.

Make sure you have captions turned on in this video, as throughout the whole video the creator pauses it and shows you exactly what to pay attention to, so you can’t miss it even if you tried. The video is, of course, open to interpretation and opinion, but please watch the video and make up your own mind:

Coca Cola are the experts in subliminal messages – view our main video – showing many more coca cola subliminal messages!

  One Response to “Coca Cola Subliminal Messages Suggesting Suicide?”

  1. this cocacola thing was so stupid why did they turn the happy smiley face into an evil looking creature and what were u saying about the kfc guy i didnt get it

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