Apr 282009

Here is the brand new video which shows a collection of all of the main coca cola subliminal messages from across the years. This includes images of naked women represented in the artwork and in the ice – cleverly disguised, hidden faces and links to cocaine and drugs, some very sneaky product placement in the hit movie “Lord of the Rings”, and several other subliminal suggestions.

Here is the video, we would love to hear your thoughts, either on youtube, or on our blog:

Coca Cola are probably the best known company around the world – infact a few years ago a survey was done and apparantly Coca Cola was the 2nd most understood phrase globally – just one place behind “OK”!

How much of this is due to subliminal messaging, acute business practices, and overt product promotion is really hard to yell but one thing is for certain; that Coca Cola have been using subliminal messages and sexual suggestions in their advertising for decades. Even the shape of the Coca Cola bottle is that of the figure of a woman.

The Coca Cola company tries to tie itself to fun, youth, drugs, and SEX. This is through both regular observable advertising methods and the subliminal suggestions it inserts into them. For example, it is no secret that coca cola used to contain Cocaine (that’s how it got it’s name), but still if you turn the cans upside down there is a reference reamining: A face appearing to snort a line of Cocaine.

Would Coca Cola really go to all this trouble to place hidden messages in their marketing if it didn’t work? Probably not, but of course we don’t have access to their marketing strategy, or any information on whether they have tested their adverts with and without these sexual suggestions or not.

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