Jul 162009

Here is a video of one of the Jonas Brothers songs… not sure which, but if they included these subliminals themselves then perhaps they are not as Christian as they claim to be.

This video highlights several reversed satanic messages saying: “I speak for Satan”, “My Sweet Forsaken Satan” and even “My Sweet Satan”

Later on he claims to find a message saying “Girls won’t sleep with me”… so they’re not celibate by choice after all? 🙂

Maybe these were made in fun, or without their knowledge, who knows. Feel free to tell us what you think of Johans Brothers and their subliminal messages in the comments.

Or, you can follow this link to see some hilarious Jonas Brothers subliminal messages!

  2 Responses to “Jonas Brothers Satanic Messages”

  1. Holy crap! Out of all of the subliminal message videos I’ve seen so far, this is by far the best. They honestly DO sound like they are saying these demonic praises. Its not blurry either, which is even better. Really sweet! How I love finding new ways to make fun of the Jonas Brothers.

  2. Oh good lord. This backward masking crap is just that: pure, hyper-conspiratorial CRAP, folks.
    These young guys, whatever their faults and sins (and they are not Saints), are NOT Satan Worshipers, for pete’s sake. They are young guys who like to sing, are pretty darn good at it, and are fortunate to have gained a huge following/fan base. Compared to most other “boy bands,” they are pretty darned talented too. But remember something, though they are entering their 20s now, these guys are still just KIDS, for pete’s sake, not leaders of a nationwide blood drinking Satanic coven… I am so tired of these insane, conspiracy theory hyper-fundamentalists looking for satanists in every modern singer. These conspiratorialists deeply embarass orthodox Christians like me and millions of others. I offer prayers every day for these Jonas kids. They’re not saints, but they’re not “BAD” kids, either. I recently got to know young Nick personally. Not that well yet, but we do talk. He’s a normal young 20 year old with all the issues, hopes, dreams, and pains that young guys that age have. From chatting with him, and seeing his GENEROUS and selfless-work on behalf of his fellow diabetics, I can assure you that he is one of the most kind-hearted young souls that you would ever have the honor of meeting. I am appalled by these comments about him being an alleged “Satan worshipper” from the pit of hell, on this and other websites, including one called jesus-is-savior. BEARING FALSE WITNESS AGAINST YOUR NEIGHBOR is an ENORMOUS sin and those in the habit of DOING THAT, are demonstrating that, contrary to their own DELUSIONS, they are NOT “saved,” and are “NOT” walking in God’s grace. These young guys are sinners like you and me, not one bit worse, and in some ways, a lot better.
    And Nick, again, is one of the MOST KIND young gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure, and yes honor, of befriending. He is a GOOD hearted soul, and doesn’t deserve to be slammed falsely as a Satan Worshiper who back-masks devil-worshiping messages. He does NOT. Nick, and his brothers, are in my prayers, and if you are Christian, they SHOULD BE in YOURS. And those spreading these VILE “satan worshipers” rumors about Nick and his brothers should be SO ashamed of themselves that they should be unable to even sleep at night. God have mercy on your libellous souls.

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