Jul 042009

Here are 2 hilarious Jonas Brothers subliminal messages we have found on Youtube.

This one is from the song “Burning Up”:

The subliminal audio messages found in this song that otherwise sounds normal and you could never tell, are –

“Now that I have my trophy of
your anathomy
Your stiff can be excised
Convulsions transpire you’re
seeping suppuratio”

“My monument is progressing
Bereft is thy deed of completion
By all means you’ll be alive
But not intact
I’ve sewn your lips”

“Thy coprophagist shall
ingurgitae the filth
Grinding at your head with
my bonesaw breaking

Kind of weird and/or creepy, don’t you think? Or was this just in the video creators imagination would you say?

Now a more serious one (which we also decided to talk about in another page) – this song was written by Disney – this video highlights several Satanic subliminal messages apparantly, when played in reverse:

Our Sweet Satan, Sweet Forsaken Satan, I speak for Satan:

Let us know what do you think about this Jonas Brothers subliminal videos, or take a look at some other subliminal audio messages form older and contemporary music artists.

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