Jun 262009

Here is a great video from youtube with various different optical illusions on. Some you will of seen before, but there are some quite unique ones on there – and a few subliminal messages and subliminal adverts too.

The video starts with showing us pictures with hidden pictures so you instantly get a grasp of what to expect.

Then there is a subliminal messages inserted in a long text, so watch the video and find out what it is. I’ll give you a hint – read the first letter of every line.

Next we can see how repetitiveness works wonders over a long period of time.

Pictures show curves that should trick our minds into believing they are beautiful women, and thath they are “loving it”.

Just take a look for yourself as this video is really filled with subliminal messages that are expained to you extensively.

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  1. masonry is a religion and its Luciferian. A cult is small unpopular religion. Masonry has power over other major religions.

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