Jul 182009

Here is a great video with some more new optical illusions on it – a lot of really unique ones we haven’t shown before too.

The video shows many subliminal illusions, starting with a picture of two guys, and it is not obvious if they are walking up or down.

The next picture is of a sign which is hard to descipher what it says, or rather we miss one “the”.

The third one seems like a static circle, but when we watch it at the middle it appears to be moving when we tilt our head forwards and then backwards.

The foruth picture seems like an island, but is really a crater.

Then we supposedly see many shades of a green color, which is all really just the one.

And hmmm… does 2 = 1?

Seventh video makes one star dissapear! Wow!

Then we need to take a look and find out if the text says good, or evil?

Looking at a book we can’t tell if it is forwards or backwards.

And in the tenth picture in the video we see an impossible object, and so does the twelwth.

The next picture shows us a house made of people.

Thirtheneth pics shows us a neverending maze.

The next one tires to get us to say the right word that ic colored in a different color.

And then we are supposed to guess which yellow line is longer in the last, fifteenth picture.

If you have a video you would like to see on here then send us the link in the comments and we’ll make it happen.

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