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This song – Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, is a CLASSIC example of subliminal messaging backmasking in a rock song – it caused controversy between Christian groups at the time of it’s release and is still heavily debated to this day. Here is a video, firstly of the song played forwards, and then with it in reverse – see for yourself and decide:

And here are the full lyrics to the song played backwards in case you don’t want to watch the video:

    All ariving.
    They all sing,
    And they are one

    Shall I loathe you now,
    Or hear him,
    Christian with me.

    It stirs my sin;
    The river
    Oh, she swells in…
    our lousiness

    And my life will end for him?
    We’re all out of signs,
    I know I’m sorta shocked…

    [To hear the Lord,]
    My God will now save me

It’s interesting how this song sounds just as awesome when played backwards, and we can even clearly hear the words too!

    But, lets go on with the verses:

    I will not [be] saved
    Because I live with Satan

    One wish today;
    that you all pray for,
    Three who will…
    make it here late

    Pray now and you’ll [see]
    The Lord turned [on me]

    But I was the shaggy fool,
    Clothed in agony
    Lost at… [height]

And here the part of the song that really stirrs our feathers:

    There is no escaping

    Here’s to my sweat Satan

    There was little path
    [Which] would make me sad
    Whose power is Satan

    He’ll give those with him
    Six Six Six

    There was a little toolshed
    Where he made us suffer
    Sad Satan

    Family won’t get loose,
    They’re offered me.

    Also soothers the worker
    Always be [as we know how]

    “I see ruins” said he,
    “The world they offered me?”

    Who wished the Lord’s fall?
    If we lose [father],
    Say you’ll save me

    There’s no escaping it…

And the messages do go on:

    [Hunt next to the shore]
    ‘Cause they see all from there,
    See here’s the [news],
    Who walks with [mute]!

    “Heavy lift me out”
    Spake the Rave

And on:

    [He who say the Lords]
    Thoth have our laws
    Maat must be [superb]
    Mass is end[ed]

    Over there

    He sould learn over there

    Any moot that serves
    by my sworn music

    I wish it with snow
    Be [shished]
    All for my mass’s [sake].

    Hear why its sung here.

    He [who should snow]
    May make his show worthy,
    To look for us

    There’s one chance
    Take his show.
    Hold thy head

    Hear words sung here
    What’s this Earth [built below]

    Oh sweet Israel

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  1. The irony here is that playing / reading / doing things backwards is satanic, according to some monolithic beliefs. So it might be that the idea is not sending subliminal message, but getting the audience into the habit of doing things backwards because, sometimes, Satan rewards “backwardism” with lyrics that make satanic sense.

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