Mar 052009

Here is Tupac’s Unconditional Love song played in reverse. In some places where the words are slurred in the regular version, it seems like it was done to implant subliminal messages more easily – watch the video and see if you can follow the subtitled messages:

In case you couldn’t follow the messages, here is the full transcript:

Eye witnesses out there dying!

Mama I miss you.

Eye witnesses dying. (this was repeated numerous times throughout the song)

I didn’t wanna submerege.

Mamma heads for justice? How long will you mourn again?

Past years, unfamiliar years (or fears)!

Yes! Think of me.

I don’t care. Don’t care.

Mama I miss you. (female vocals: I miss you)

Mama I miss you. Althouhg we just (looking at that bird? – this part is kind of blurry)

And think of me when you take a look just how far I had to get – die!

In the rush and he was helpin…

Livin alone, I’m scared – he ain’t die…

My eyes scattered with my tears.

We’re still together…

This is the last decision, ever.

To all you homes – I have the newest war

I miss you, I miss you. Is it worth it? Mama I miss you.

Demon’s eyes.

Is it worth it? I ain’t die. It’s behind me.

This world is geting sicker, heal America. I hope you share with everyone…

Yes I’m gone coz I’m the Don.

Born, SUicide, Knowing, Believing?

Mama, shed tears, missin’ you – etes is rusin’ like I don’t… Mom, I’m sad.

Drug dealin, crying tears…

Mama, I committed suicide? Born sucidal…

I’m in love with this shit, is it worth it?

Speaking quietly here – You’re dead bitch – this is my fault. I hope you can mourn, because I won’t be able to.

You have to be able to mourn death. Yeah, I’m guilty. I don’t really want this hushed, Mama, hushed?

I love you too Mama.

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