May 092009

Here is a home DVD recording someone made of a news bulletin on american network TV channel CNN when Luciano Pavarotti died.

The messages flashes on for just a split of a second around the 11 second mark, so if you pause the video there you will see it:

In case you missed it, yhe frame that is caught just for a split second is “Feeling better doesn’t mean you are not at risk… Call 1-800-PLAVIX”

Hmmm, yet another case of subliminal advertising on TV, something that was supposed to be banned for a good 40 years now (since 1973)! In this one we have no doubt it was inserted intentionally, CNN, and also other big networks like FOX are well known for inserting (and being caught) with subliminal messages, but they seem too powerful to be stopped by laws that are valid for us mere mortals.

  One Response to “Subliminal Advert on CNN”

  1. It says exactly:

    Feeling Better doesn’t

    mean you’re not at risk

    Call 1-866-3-Plavix

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