May 272009

Here is a research study into subliminal messaging conducted by Duke University. The study is on incidental brand exposure. Research says that we get exposed to between 3 to 10 thousand incidental bradn exposures per day.

An incidental brand exposure is when we get exposed to a brand ‘s logo for just a fraction of a second.

They flash an image of the Apple logo for 30 milliseconds while participants are unaware of them. With the Apple logo being so strongly linked with creativity they wanted to see if participants who saw the subliminal Apple logo were more creative in later tasks.

The participants were told they were in a visual acuity test. It works by a box popping left or right, and the participant is supposed to say left or right, and the logo is show for a fraction of a second during the process, while the person doesn’t even get that they have been exposed to the logo.

Watch the video and find out the results (don’t look down as there are spoilers), and see what Duke University thinks of subliminal adverts and perception:

The results were conclusive and participants exposed to the Apple logo were indeed more creative than those that have been subliminally exposed to the IBM logo.

The trick here is, as the professor explains, that people aren’t even consciously aware that they are exposed to brands and their defences are up, so the subliminal messages and messages in general have even more of an impact than if we would of seen them on a TV commercial or TV show.

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  1. what a briliant idea!

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